K-Line Truxton – Blonde


Beautiful in its simplicity – limitless in its range. For nearly 60 years the single cutaway design has provided a platform for country to modern rock guitar and everything in between.

How do you improve a legendary design? K-Line’s done it by using top notch components mated to the proper tonewoods with the best electronics. The Truxton Vintage has the standard single coil pickups and hardware configuration of the traditional single cutaway guitars from the past.

Looking for something a little different from standard single coil pickups? The K-Line Truxton Special is equipped with Lollar Charlie Christian pickups for big deep tone.  After a tireless search we have found the best bridge system for the Truxton Special in the Hipshot Hardtail. It achieves a piano-like tone that resonates for days! Also, the Hipshot Hardtail spacing allows for proper pole and string spacing.


Color: Blonde

Body: Ash

Pickups: Lollar Charlie Christian

Neck: Medium C

Nut Width: 1.65″

Frets: 6125

Neck Radius: 10″

Weight: 7lbs


Review of Truxton from The ToneQuest Report

“The Truxton is Kronlein’s take on a Tele, and while you can order this guitar with traditional Tele-style pickups and bridge, ours was equipped with dual Klein‘50s wind’ P90s and a very cool Hipshot bridge. The body is made from ash with an interesting grain pattern revealed beneath the tobacco burst finish, yielding a 6.7 pound featherweight. We’re betting it’s the K-Line necks that owners of these guitars rave about the most, because the neck carve, rolled fingerboard edges and fret work are exceptional in concept and execution, and very much unlike anything you’re apt to find in a production instrument. The maple neck on the Truxton is a full U shape with plenty of depth and shoulder to promote resonance and sustain, but it stops short of being cumbersome and unwieldy. It just feels right, as do the medium frets and the artfully rolled fingerboard edges. In fact, all three K-Line guitars immediately impressed us as being exceptionally, supremely playable in terms of the over-all feel of the neck and setup. It’s rare that we pick up a guitar and not find something that needs to be changed or adjusted, or that we wish had been done differently with the design, but we happily played the K-Lines pretty much as is. The Truxton sounds like a great Tele in all three pickup positions, but the P90s seem to fill in the middle frequencies a bit more with a little less zing and twang. It’s a great hybrid tone that leaves you free to cover a lot of musical space that won’t automatically be pegged as having originated from a Tele, but you’ll still do so with plenty of swagger and attitude when required.”




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