Breedlove Calendar Moondancer

Breedlove Calendar Moondancer



As of 2009, Kim Breedlove has been hand building fine instruments for 35 years. To celebrate this significant milestone, the 12 top luthiers at Breedlove Guitars created a calendar series of instruments in which each of the craftsmen involved designed an instrument as a tribute and reflection of how Kim has influenced their lives. These fine instruments are featured in Breedlove's 2009 Calendar.

The "Moon Dancer" is the masterpiece of the Series , showcasing the skills of each team member. A Hawaiian princess calls out into a moonlit evening sky inviting villagers to the feast. The sound of the Hawaiian Koa and Moon Spruce along with the comfort of the auditorium body are just the beginning. Master Luthier, Jayson Bowerman contributed a subtle arm bevel and an exotic slotted headstock to the design. Angela Adams, Chris Lindquist and Jesse Christensen executed the gorgeous fretscape design.

As an enthusiastic advocate for the left hand guitar community, DHR Music inquired as to whether Breedlove would agree to build a LH version of the Moon Dancer. The company responded with a resounding yes....... and as they say, "the rest was history". It is identical in every respect (shhh- in our opinion the LH model has the finer tone woods). This unique and exquisite instrument has attained instant "Collectible" status, and one of the finest left hand instruments in history.

Category: Acoustic Flattop
Body: Auditorium shape, deep body with soft cutaway
Top: Exotic Moon Spruce
Back/Sides: Master Class Koa w/ Arm Bevel - See more at: