DHR Guitar Experience Grand Opening Celebration at the Redmoor Theater

The event featured live performances by locally, nationally and internationally recognized artists representing a variety of genres. Guitar demonstrations and symposiums featured significant leaders in lutherie as well as other guitar related subjects.

Keynote Speakers included:

John Montelone
Recognized as being one of the finest living archtop guitar and mandolin makers in the world today, John Monteleone has been at the forefront of innovative cutting-edge archtop instrument making for many years. His uniquely designed instruments are the essence of artistic expression, reflected in the subtle but challenging marriage of form and function.

Preston Thompson
Discovered by bluegrass virtuosos Charles Sawtelle and Peter Rowan in the 1980s, Preston has built a reputation for handmade, original vintage guitars. During the 1970s, he honed his guitar-making skills at the legendary Randy Wood’s Old Time Pickin’ Parlor, the center of Nashville bluegrass music. 

Dr. Thomas Van Hoose
Dr. Thomas Van Hoose is a world-renowned expert and collector of custom and vintage archtop guitars. He is well known for having created a large private collection of Monteleone guitars. He also
has authored of “The Gibson Super 400: Art of the Fine Guitar.”

Peter Henriksen
President and CEO of Henriksen Amplifiers. Henriksen amplifiers designs and manufactures high quality, instrument amplifiers in Arvada, CO catering to amateur andprofessional players alike.