Thompson Size 2 Parlor Mahogany

Thompson Size 2 Parlor Mahogany


Recording artist Tim May demonstrating this Preston Thompson Parlor 2 guitar video below.

Preston Thompson Size 2 Parlor Guitars are based upon a vintage 1892 model owned by Preston. That particular Parlor guitar was built for gut strings, so when the Thompson Size 2 was developed we changed the wood thicknesses and bracing to accommodate steel strings. The Thompson 2-MM with its mahogany back, sides and top is our version of one of the very first production steel string guitars ever made.

The popularity of these “Little Big Guitars” was immediate. They are so fun to play you simply cannot put them down. Their fun factor may only be surpassed by their sweet tone and incredible volume. This model has been so popular that in addition to the all mahogany models mentioned above, we have made a half dozen custom instruments out of a variety of wood combinations including mahogany with red spruce tops, Brazilian rosewood with Lutz spruce tops and myrtle wood with red spruce tops. All of them have been impressive guitars, each with a unique voice suited to a variety of playing styles, from blues and ragtime to folk and finger style. This was the guitar that Jimmie Rodgers “The Singing Brakeman” played and made famous. They’re special and very fun instruments.

Mahogany Back/Sides/Top

1 3/4" Nut Width

24.9" Scale Length

Soft V Neck


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