Thompson OM Deluxe Brazilian Rosewood

Thompson OM Deluxe Brazilian Rosewood


For a video with recording artist Tim May demoing this  guitar scroll to the bottom of this page.

Preston Thompson OM and 14 fret 000 guitars look just about identical and share many similar qualities, including superb responsiveness and a lovely sweetness in tone. The relatively slimmer body depth gives players a quickness to the sound delivered while also delivering the string to string and bass to treble balance these models are renowned for.

The difference between an OM and the 14 fret 000 is scale length. The OM (Orchestra Model) has a longer 25.4” scale length, the same scale length as dreadnought guitars. The 14 fret 000 has the shorter 24.9” scale length. This subtle difference accounts for the unique qualities of each model. The longer OM scale length generally gives these instruments a little more punch and volume, making the OM perfect for players that both flat pick and fingerpick. The 14 Fret 000, with its shorter scale length, is perfect for finger style pickers and blues players. Because the string tension is slightly less, certain techniques like bending strings and blues style riffs are often enhanced.

Both models feature Red spruce (Adirondack) tops, (Lutz spruce and European spruce are also available), chosen for tap tone and stiffness, advanced X brace placement, hand graduated top thickness, pre-war hand carved scalloped braces, nitro-cellulose lacquer finishes and time tested design features such as dovetail neck joints.

In their March 2015 edition, Acoustic Guitar Magazine reviewed one of our ‘Shipwreck’ Brazilian Rosewood OM guitars. “With its powerful and immediate voice, deep resonance, and protracted sustain, Thompson’s OM Brazilian model is the sort of magical guitar that one seldom encounters, especially in a newly built instrument. It’s made from that most venerated combination of tonewoods: a soundboard of Adirondack spruce paired with Brazilian rosewood back and sides. The result is a note-perfect recreation of a golden-era flattop.” Read the full story here:

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