Greg Chako - executive V.P. / client relations

Cincinnati-born guitarist Greg Jazzman Chako strives to bring people together to create synergy. His genuine desire to help others and his passion for communication has been the driving force behind all of his professional pursuits. This entrepreneurial Jazzman builds bridges to successfully span the worlds of music, business, and community.


As an entrepreneur, he founded the entertainment company Chako Productions LLC in Singapore, serving as its CEO. Within 3 years of its inception, he was managing a daily roster of 30+ artists, monthly budgets of $50K+, and over one million Singapore dollars in annual income. He did volunteer work counseling grief and alcohol-abuse victims, and served as a judge for the annual Yamaha Music School’s band competition for youngsters. Greg also taught English (ESL) in Japan for Berlitz, a 120 year-old language school, teaching over 5,000 lessons. Greg’s 16 years working in Asia honed his interpersonal and business skills. His customer service expertise can be exemplified by the stellar reputations of some of his chief clients, such as: Toyota; Tiffany; Cartier; Starbucks; Coca Cola; Citibank; Merrill Lynch; CNN; Ritz-Carlton; Hyatt; Hilton; Four Seasons; and the US Navy; among many, many others.

As a professional musician, he has released 10 CDs, multiple videos, and was the subject of a feature-length TV documentary titled, “An American Cat in the Lion City.”  He has performed his music on television and headlined Jazz festivals all over the world with his groups. His 50+ original compositions take listeners on a cross-cultural jazz journey encompassing a unique mix of syncopated rhythms, soulful melodies, hard- swinging jazz, and the exotic sounds of Indian Tabla, Australian Didgeridoo, and the Brazilian 'Surdo' drum. Reviewers say his music:

“Transcends geographic boundaries and cultures and communicates the happiness and friendship that all music should provide”

“Is a jazz mosaic painted with the very best of cultural, ethnic, and musical sensibilities, providing a sumptuousness and extensiveness in the music that is rarely found in any genre”

His formal education includes an Associates Degree in Music Performance from Berklee College of Music in Boston; a Bachelors of Arts (BA) with a multi-disciplinary focus in Business and Music from SUNY Empire State College; a Masters in Music (MM) from William Paterson University in New Jersey; and a pending Doctor of Music Degree (DMA) with a minor in Ethnomusicology from the famed Eastman School of Music in Rochester, NY. His GPA was 3.9.

Greg’s extremely varied life experiences have enriched and deepened his music. Anyone who takes the time to listen cannot help but feel the powerful and honest emotions expressed through his music. “The Jazzman” enjoys playing jazz (of course!); spending time with his wife and family; cooking/entertaining/Culinary Arts; tennis; scuba diving; meditation/yoga; networking; writing, researching and conversing; loving pets; and working tirelessly for DHR GuitarExperience with the goal of building relationships and exceeding all customer expectations. 

You can contact Greg at 513-449-4909 or